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Tie and Tease

Tie & Tease Experience Birmingham

A Variety of Sexy and Sensual Tie and Tease Massage Treats with Happy Endings


Tie & Tease Birmingham

My Tie and Tease Birmingham sessions can take on many forms. I offer a variety of Tie and Tease Experiences from a gently restrained, sensual tie and tease massage to a much firmer, boundary-pushing session but always within the limits we discussed. This is the ultimate massage experience in many ways where you can completely let go and let the pleasure completely take you over.  My naturally flirtatious but dominant persona has led me to the wondrous art of Tie & Tease, also known as ” Bondassage “.  There is nothing better than to fully immerse yourself in my sensual seduction.  To let yourself succumb to the total mercy of a Professional seductress. Never quite knowing where my hands will fall next and what I will have in them. From soft silks to hard leather all things are possible – from blindfolds and ropes to gags and feathers. If you are in Birmingham, The West Midlands or The Midlands I have an easy to get to private chamber to help you escape from the stresses of the world for a few hours.

Ultimate Birmingham Tie & Tease Sessions. Silks & Feathers or Floggers & Paddles?

Tie and Tease sessions Birmingham for adventurous, discerning and inquisitive submissive gentlemen.   You will find that My world is filled with my unique Asian Femdom interpretation of tight bondage, gently whispered words of threat and a touch so teasing in its manner, it will leave you begging for me to release you.

I have been told that I have ‘magic fingers’ and soft sensual hands.  My previous victims have left my sessions in awe and weak-kneed at my ability to weedle them out.  Your body will be tense and shaky with the trepidation of what I may do next.  Why should I listen to your whimpering requests for release?  You’re here for my amusement and for me to expose your weaknesses as they make themselves apparent to me.  I’ll ask you to beg me for release and then continue to torture your tight and weakening soul.  I will cause you that prolonged frustration that you only imagined could happen.  I can take you on, but can you take me?

Tie & Tease – Bondassage

My hands will wander your body, touching you in places you never even knew were erotic.  Gently blindfolding you and making your primal senses act in a way like never before. I will use erotic and stimulating techniques to make you feel aroused and in doing so, you will want to touch me, to caress my curves but I will not let you. You want to feel my breath on your body and my tongue over your body.

You will crave these things so much that you will eventually beg me to release that build up tension…the question is…Will I or Won’t I?  I guess that all depends on whether you’ve been naughty or nice!

Tie and Tease Birmingham like you have not experienced before – feel my unique take on Bondassage from a professional Asian FemDom perspective – you will surely want to return for more.

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