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Foot Fetish Fantasies Birmingham

How is it that some people are squeamish about feet? If you have a foot fetish, shoe fetish or stocking fetish and you live in Birmingham, Midlands or West Midlands you are in the right place to help explore your fantasies.

I’m not sure why but, all I know is that I personally like my feet, they’re the ones that get me to all sorts of places.

The basic fact is that foot fetishes are incredibly common and one of the basic moves in Domination – when someone is made to do something so disgusting and degrading such as licking a shiny, patent boot or shoe clean.  This is when they feel at their most submissive.

If you do think you have a foot fetish but are too shy or unsure about trying it at home, why not try a foot massage with me.  It all falls within the realms of Domination because contrary to popular belief, not all Domination is about whips and pain!  I will have everything to hand to start you off such as foot cream, foot spa, pedicure set and if you prove yourself to be a really good boy, I may even allow you to apply my nail varnish.  It will be your job to perfect my feet.

Foot Worship, Shoe Fetish and Stocking Fetish Sessions for Submissive Birmingham Gentlemen


How would you like to be my sub and lick my shoes clean?

I’d need them ‘wipe clean’ and that can only mean PATENT! My absolute favourite.

I would make you go over the shoe with your tongue before slowly making you wander towards my heel and giving it a good suck. After all, it has to be clean.  Once, I am satisfied I will allow you to take off my shoes and lick my feet thoroughly.

I may even make you lie on your back and suck on each of my toes in turn.  I want to feel your tongue go in between the gaps of my toes and then see how many of them you can take into your mouth.

I would then run my toes down your body and give your nipples a cheeky tweak but, I would always return to making you adore and worship my delicate footsies.


I just love to tease your Cock with the arches of my feet. I have been told I have a high foothold.  I would make you rub my feet with organic coconut oil (only the best for my delicate tootsies!) and then place them on your throbbing member plus if you’re extra lovely I may well allow you to get my feet messy but…you would have to lick it up afterwards.  Maybe I should save that part for the more intermediate student!


Imagine this scenario: You entering the room.  I am wearing tights or holdups.  I let you touch the silky, smooth material and caress the contours of my legs.  I allow you to massage my feet, to kiss and to worship them.  I can see that you are aroused and I hold you there in that moment.  You know that you are close, will I let you explode all over my hosiery? Only if you ask nicely.

Foot Fetish Fantasies Birmingham

Liking feet and having a foot fetish is not weird or unusual, it’s what I would describe as different and we all know that different is good and unique. Liking feet is intimate and sensual. If you are looking for a fabulous Foot Fetish Birmingham Experience just give me a call and let us see where your foot fantasies lead to.

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