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Face Sitting Birmingham – Queening & Breath Play

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Face Sitting Birmingham

Using a man’s face as a seat or cushion is one of My favourite kinks Facesitting. I’d love to feel your face squashed down tight beneath my large and beautiful posterior and feel it as you start to wriggle and gasp for air, I will lift up my weight for a few moments to let you catch a breath or two before lowering myself slowly down completely squashing your face again. As you can see My bottom is the perfect shape for Queening you and using you as My seat.

Willing Or Restrained Forced Birmingham FaceSitting Sessions for Discerning Submissive Gentlemen

Firstly, you will always address me as Miss Soles when requesting a Queening, Facesitting or Smothering session. I will simplify the act of Queening or Facesitting ( exactly the same thing).

Queening or Facesitting is when my beautiful and large posterior descends upon your face.  It is the act of full submission to your Lady (Miss Soles).  I may choose to wear Latex pants, normal underwear, trousers, skirt or occasionally nothing.  This purely depends on your wishes.

FRONTAL: Is when I would sit on your face with my back to your feet.  I may reward you with a visual of my face or belly etc.

FULL COVER: My entire posterior will be poised in its entirety, on your face.  This would be with my full weight upon your face but I could release some of the pressure from you should it prove too much by hovering above you at selected intervals.

FOREPLAY: You would be servicing me to maximise my pleasure by having me sit on your face in a full weight reverse face sit position.  This position will also minimise the strain that you would encounter around your neck and upper body as well as my leg’s and knees.  This can also be achieved via the Full Weight Frontal face sit.

DOMINATION: Self Explanatory  – Where I subject you to ‘forced face sitting’.  You would pretend to be an unwilling participant.  We could opt for breath play (smothering), controlled breathing or forced breathing.  I could also use your face as an unwilling seat cushion whilst I go about my normal every day seated activities.

FANTASY ROLEPLAY: This is a lighter version of domination where there is no force or discipline applied.  You will play the role of my seat cushion for my sitting comfort only.

ACCIDENTAL: To make it easier to visualise, here is an example: I am doing my shopping and whilst on the stairwell, I fall back onto someone below me, causing us both to fall onto the ground BUT…not before my posterior has landed upon your face!

Please note: All of my niche fantasy fulfilment experiences are strictly non-penetrative. I do NOT provide penetrative sexual services.  Anyone attempting this will be seen as disrespecting MY rules and will be either asked to leave (without refund) or caned as punishment.

Queening Sessions Birmingham

Do you search for the ultimate facesitting experience?

Let me be the one to take control of you.  To put yourself in my power and to let yourself be humiliated with my size, intimacy and sex odours that will overcome you.  You will feel overwhelmed by the inability to control your breathing and this will cause heightened sexual arousal deep within.  You will beg for my verbal abuse, to be talked down to, to succumb entirely.   You are now at my complete mercy.  Facesitting is the ultimate degrading and humiliating dominating position a woman can put a man into but also, a complete turn on!

Do you fantasise about the near-death experience through ass smothering?

Autassassinophilia (Death Fetish)  is when a person is sexually aroused by the risk of death/being killed.  This particular fetish may overlap with other areas of kink that risk one’s life such as choking/strangulation or drowning.  You will never be in a life-threatening situation with myself as I have complete control in how to manage your expectations and boundaries.

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